Luna's characteristics


Ayka Wild Pepper of Baden

* 07. März 2014

Breeding book-No. DRC -G 1433987


Breeder: Steffen Schmitt
Kennel: Wild Pepper of Baden
Color: creame
Shoulder heigh: 57 centimeter
Weight: 32 kilogram
HD: right: A2 / left: A2
Level of arthrosis: riight: no / left: no
ED right: free / left: free
RD/PRA/HC: RD: clear, PRA: clear, HC: clear from 02.08.2016
DNA results GR-PRA1: free
  GR-PRA2: free
  prcf-PRA: normal / clear
Value of breeding: HD = 92 / HC = 98
Breeding license: from 12.08.2016
Tests: WT, BHP A with shot (GRC), BHP B without shot (GRC), DP-A with shot (GRC)
Form Vallue:

Verry good (SG)

Feminine head, good expression, dark eyes, good hanging ears. Very well-built body with correct lines and angulation. Moves well. Good coat and beings.

Judge: Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel

Character Test:

The 16 month-old bitch moves alternately fast, stops sometimes and examines the ground. She well orientates herself by the leader with them if he runs, also plays with pleasure.

She shows active perseverance while retrieving different objects which it carries to the leader and also with the drag-game with Kong in the string. Feel behaviour is recognizable.

She has a very good respect with her leader and can be laid easily from him on the side, however, searches the shade. There it can be also taken over from the judge well. With people she feels sure, also in the circle. From the leader leave, she keeps one eye on him.

She is shot-proof.

With optical and acoustic charms she behaves partly certainly, approaches them partly carefully, partly independently.

A friendly bitch with big perseverance while retrieving.

Judge: Dr. Helena Niehof-Oellers



Luna's fourth birthday on the 07.03.2018 is in