Über uns


We - this are Martina and Stefan - have covered in 2004 our new house in the outskirts of Solingen. Quick it was clear to us, that we need a dog who keeps an eye to house and property.

After intensive searches we have decided on a Golden retriever. However, it should be not a puppy from "any" breeding, but already an approved Kennel from a VDH association. On this way we have bumped into the Kennel "Von der Wolferbach" and got also the assent which we might fetch our puppies on the 03. 07. 2005.

From the day in which Sammy entered in our house our life changed completely. Instead of in the morning get a good night's sleep - at 05:00 o'clock the first walk. Instead of on Saturdays walk into the football arena - training on the dog training place. Instead of vacation in the distance under the sun and palms - walking in the mountains. We have accepted all these "victims" with pleasure, because Sammy has returned it to us 1000 times. We want to say "Thank You" to Erika and Helmut Dorweiler of the DRC-Kennel "Von der Wolferbach" for this great dog.

Sammy's name "Golden Sam von der Wolferbach" has inspired us to let register this homepage with the Domain "golden sam. de" and to let protect.

In 2013 we still decided to buy the second dog. Actually, it should be a puppy. Because we tells on walks also other dog owners about the plan, this information also penetrated to the owners of Lilly. At the next meeting these asked us whether we were also ready instead of taking over their bitch to a puppy. Lilly was till then already the best friend of our dog Sammy and thus we have hesitated no second to take up Lilly in our house. Lilly comes from the GRC-Kennel "Nordic History".

Sammy and Lilly were from now on a Dreamteam. If we walk with our lordy Golden, everybody looked admiring to our both retrievers. To live with two dogs makes so much fun. Unfortunately, we could enjoy this period only half a year, because Sammy died absolutely unexpectedly on the 25. 04.2014.

We wanted to take up immediately again a second dog in our house. On the 08.05.2014 Luna, from the DRC-Kennel "Wild Pepper of Baden", entered in our house.

status date: 08.05.2014